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Cell Phone Repair Albuquerque.

Do you need a quick cell phone screen repair? Back glass replacement or battery replacement? You are on the right page! We provided Phone Repair Services to many local New Mexicans. We will make your phone unique again!

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Cell Phone Repair Albuquerque, NM Services

ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories understands how important your phone is to you; thus, we intend to provide our trusted customers with top-notch Cell Phone Repair Albuquerque services in the entire city and the suburbs. Whether your screen has cracked or your battery is not working properly, our experts are at your service 24/7 to provide you with the best cell phone repair in Albuquerque.


Why choose us?
Our mobile phone repairing centers are well-equipped with premium quality spare parts and tools required to perform any given repair task. The available experts have gone through extensive training programs to identify any issue and perform repairs on the spot. Thus, you need not worry about the time as our expert will repair your device almost instantly right in front of your eyes. Cell Phone Repair Albuquerque is being offered throughout the city, but only we carry all the high-quality parts and the perfect expertise to perform these repairs. With us, you’ll be in good hands.

  • Quick and Hassle-free
  • Trained Professionals
  • Guaranteed Safety
  • Premium service + Warranty


  • LCD/Digitizer Screen Replacement
  • iPhone/Samsung Back Glass Replacements
  • Battery Replacement/Repair
  • Speaker Replacement/Repair
  • Power Button Repair
  • Volume Button Repair
  • Charging port Replacements
  • Phone/iPad/Tablet Accessories
  • Many More (call for any questions)
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How it works

Book your repair
File the request form or give us a call. We will provide you with the best quote and the time needed for the specific repair. Then visit the store to get the repair done.
Would you like to send it to us?
Suppose you live in one of the close by counties to Albuquerque and do not want to make the drive! You can send us your device through the mail, and we will send it back to you after fixing it. (Please call for details)
Quick, the same day repair
Once your device is received, our experts will diagnose the device to verify the issue and perform the cell phone repair.
Get Your Repairs Started
Our experts specialize in iPhone, iPad, LG & Samsung Phones, and Android Tablet repairs. ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories is proud to say that we provide the best Cell Phone Repair Albuquerque services in the city, giving our customers utmost satisfaction.


Find out all repair service we do.

We're here to get your devices repair soon.

Everybody has standards, ours are just better.

Explore new ways to see what’s working and fix what’s not. At our Local Cell Phone Repair store in Albuquerque NM, we can help you with many device repair.

Free Diagnostics

Every cell phone repair at ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories starts with a free diagnostic exam, to find the root of the problem and allow the technician to determine the right cell phone repair path.

20-Minute Repair

The same day appointments especially for iPhones. Walk-ins are also welcomed. Most iPhone Screen Repairs take 20 to 30 Minutes.

Quality Service

All Phones are handled with special care at ABQ Phone Repair & Accessories in Albuquerque! All Cell phone repairs such as LCD replacement, camera replacements, water damage diagnostic or clean-up or any of our professional services, as a result, you can always be sure that your device is being handled carefully in our store.

180-Day Warranty

All repairs come with 6-month warranty, which doesn't include physical or water damage. Other replacement parts such as charging ports, front camera, back camera as well as batteries come with 30-day warranty.

Do you want to repair your mobile phone?

Every cell phone repair at our local store starts with a FREE diagnostic exam! We firstly check the device to address the issue.